How different our current understanding of this special day is from that of it’s founder, Anna Jarvis. She lived in the USA and conceived the idea of Mother’s Day in 1908 as a way of honouring the sacrifices mothers made for their children. Anna wanted the day to be declared a public holiday, arguing that American holidays were biased towards male achievements. Once it became a public holiday a few years later, the retail industry embraced it and commercialised it to such an extent that Anna denounced this aspect and urged people to stop buying flowers, cards and candy and, by the time she died in 1948, she had disowned the concept altogether.

Today, of course, there are differing opinions on the commercial nature of the day. We believe that Mum should be number one on the day but not at the expense of the remaining 364 days! We also believe,  (perhaps predictably), that food and flowers take centre stage on the day.

Anna promoted homemade cards, gifts, food and home picked flowers so giving local, natural and premium quality seems to be close to her heart.

One quote seemed to sum it up… keep it simple, thoughtful and give with love.

Mothers day gifts