Support Your Local Butcher


Despite all of the challenges surrounding COVID-19, it seems that one of the silver linings might be that our communities are becoming more ‘local’ than ever. 

We’re really proud to be able to support a number of Tasmanian suppliers in the production of our range. One type of supplier that you might not think of for a business like ours is our local butcher. 

In normal times, we enjoy hosting groups of locals and visitors from all corners of the globe for tastings, garden tours and gourmet BBQs. Our main man for meat for our BBQs is Phil at The Sausage Shop Butchery in Perth and his sausages receive nothing but rave reviews from our visitors. The fact that we haven’t been able to host groups recently has meant that we haven’t been able to provide as much support as we would like, to one of our amazing local businesses. 

The Sausage Shop Butchery is a busy butchery so we’re sure Phil probably isn’t missing our custom too much!  However, it’s reminder to all of us that as we move through this tricky period, supporting our local businesses is more important than ever… And on that note, we’re off to collect some of Phil’s sensational pork ribs. Phil makes some of the best sausages around and he often has excellent chops but ribs are hard to beat!