Feature Product – Chilli Jam


As we move into the Aussie summer (ignoring the fact that some of the mountains in Tassie have had snow in the last week!) it’s a good time to stock up on goodies for BBQ season. Our Chilli Jam is a year-round favourite but really comes into its own when used with BBQ meats.

Chilli Jam is a chutney but as it’s a tribute to an Indian recipe, we call it a ‘jam’ as it would be in India. It’s somewhat sweet, slightly spicy and is designed to compliment and enhance foods rather than overpower them. For this reason, we find folks use it differently from a product like our Tomato Kasoundi, which is a hot Indian-inspired chutney.

For an exciting and impressive BBQ recipe, give our Chilli Jam Prawns a try or if you fancy keeping it simple, Chilli Chicken Wings on the BBQ are hard to beat. Simply baste the chicken before grilling and then once more during cookings. Easy!

Chilli Jam is one of our most popular products and for good reason. IT’s versatile, delicious and not overly spicy or overpowering. It’s a very handy and tasty addition to the pantry!

You’ll find Chilli Jam with most of our stockists and if you can’t track down a store, you can buy Chilli Jam online here

Happy cooking and enjoy the festive season!