Expanded Outdoor Tasting Area


We’re very excited here at the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company, because our newest expansion is ready for use and looking great.  The ‘Tours and Tastings’ part of our business has been growing steadily as it seems that more and more folks are keen to come to Ericvale, taste our range of products, tour the garden and join us for a BBQ lunch, morning or afternoon tea.  

We have expanded our outdoor undercover tasting area to allow for up to three groups at once, as well as a much larger undercover area, making year-round visits so much more enjoyable.  You’ll also be able to enjoy a small ‘secret’ garden that is a new addition to the area.  This links the expanded undercover tasting area and the nursery via a beautiful enclosed landscaped courtyard and path.

This development is a big step for a small business but we’re happy to say that it is already putting big smiles on the faces of our visitors and our amazing staff are happy with the new work space too.

We encourage you to come along to our tasting room, see our expert crew in action in the kitchen, wander the gardens and if you’re interested in a group function, inspecting our expanded outdoor tasting and groups area!