Home Economics – Having fun with our jams


We love to see our products used by kids and at the moment, it seems to be happening as part of their home schooling! We’ve had some notes from parents, letting us know their kids are using our sauces and jams for home economics classes, as well as to join in on the renewed national interest in baking. With all this time in isolation, Aussies are in the kitchen and doesn’t it warm our hearts to know parents are showing their kids how to cook while using some of Tassie’s finest condiments!

Our friends Mei and Chris at Australia and Beyond Holidays sent us some wonderful photos of their kids getting creative in the kitchen, cooking scones to serve with our Blueberry & Port Jam (good choice guys!).   

Scones and Jam - cooking at home

Cooking scones is a great way to learn some of the basics of baking, while organising a delicious afternoon tea break for a hard-working substitute teacher who might be juggling multiple balls while home schooling. Scones also provide an opportunity to work in some creativity, with different shapes and sizes possible. Some creative parenting might even involve whipping the cream to go with the scones and calling that part of a PE class…


Full points for presentation here, with perfectly whipped cream and a guest appearance by one of our Tassie Devils. Well done guys!