Christmas Cooking in Full Swing


When visiting us in Evandale, you will see huge quantities of many of our Christmas favourites being made. We make a condiment to accompany every Christmas dish. And, to celebrate Christmas, we have free gifts for you. More below.

 We all love to start the feasting with seafood. Oysters and Strawberry Chilli are perfect together and no prawn should be served without our Chilli Jam – not even a raw one!

 Our Cumberland sauce is perfect for the turkey. The base is redcurrant which blends with the tangy citrus and sweetness of Australian port wine. Remember, no cranberries are grown in Australia, so this is the way to support Australian producers!

Then the ham. The three favourites to have with ham are always three of our six mustards – Horseradish, Honey and Hot Whisky. The single malt whisky from the Whisky Distillery in Hobart seems to go hand in hand with the whisky left out for Santa!

Dessert brings Christmas pudding, ice cream cake, panna cotta, fruit salad and a myriad more. Our berry fruit sauces and the famous chocolate sauce will complete the dessert, whatever it may be.

 When visiting us at Evandale, look out for our free Christmas gifts. With every 250ml bottle of Cumberland Sauce, you will receive a 28g jar of Horseradish Mustard, and with every bottle of Strawberry Chilli Sauce, a 28g jar of Hot Whisky Mustard. Order online and you will also receive your free gifts.