Dips and dressings


  • For our dips and dressings, we refer to the main ingredient as the ‘base’. The base is optional depending on your preference, either yoghourt, sour cream, mascarpone, cream cheese or tofu
  • No quantities are given as each palate will require varying amounts. Simply add our products to taste – particularly the hotter blends. Start with a small amount and add to suit your palate. 
  • Cream cheese is the only base we prepare in a blender resulting in the thickest dip
  • If you want to transform your dip into a salad dressing, simply add a little mirin and shake well in a jar. The mirin adds a slightly sweet vinegar taste 


  1. Strawberry Chilli: Add Strawberry Chilli Sauce to base with a dash of lime juice. As an option, add some finely shredded coriander.
  2. Thai Chilli: Add Thai Chilli Sauce to base gradually, tasting as you mix until the heat level suits your pallet. A pinch of coriander is good with this.
  3. Tomato Kasoundi: For a taste of India, add Tomato Kasoundi to base until the heat level suits. Add a dash of lime juice and some finely chopped mint.
  4. Hot Chilli Mustard: For a spicy dip with a crunchy texture, this is a winner, particularly with sour cream, but works well with any of the bases.
  5. Chilli Jam: Made from fresh jalapeno chillies, this product makes a wonderful dip or dressing, particularly with yoghourt
  6. Plum & Pepperberry Chutney: For a fruity dip, add Plum & Pepperberry Chutney to base. Try using cheese ‘sticks’ to dip, or, use cream cheese as the base and fill button mushrooms for a delicious snack.
  7. Cumberland Sauce & Hot Whisky Mustard: A wonderful combination of fruit and heat. Add Cumberland Sauce to base first, and then stir in the mustard to taste.
  8. Summerberry jam & Mild Wholeseed Mustard: An imaginative way to use jam! Sharp fruity flavour with a hint of mustard heat. Try on dark rye bread or as a dip. Add jam to base, and then stir in the mustard to taste.
  9. Apricot Chutney & Hot Whisky Mustard: The heat of this mustard balances well with the sweetness of the chutney. Add Apricot Chutney to base, stir in the mustard to suit the desired level of heat required.
  10. Horseradish Mustard & Apricot Jam: Try this novel taste – superb as a dip and over cucumber on dark rye. Add Horseradish Mustard to base then stir in Apricot Jam until a delicate balance of sweetness is reached. Try this with seafood, particularly with the mirin added.
  11. Crushed Strawberry Conserve & Pepperberry Mustard: A unique flavour results from this combination which can be as sweet or peppery as you choose! Add the Pepperberry Mustard to base, and then stir in the jam until the required balance of flavour is reached.


  1. You will never feel guilty eating a dip again- no chemicals, no artificial flavours!