Feature Product – Raspberry Sauce


The Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company started almost 30 years ago with a very small range of Tasmanian dessert sauces.  And the first sauce to be perfected and ready for sale? Raspberry.

Fast forward to now and our Raspberry Sauce is still one of our most popular products, however these days it has a lot more competition, sitting alongside mustards, chutneys, relishes and jams!


So what’s so special about it?  The answer is that we don’t compromise on quality.  Each jar is made from 100% Tasmanian raspberries, sourced directly from our growers and we ensure the fruit is of the highest standard before we cook the sauce by hand.

The other reason it’s so popular is that it’s all-pleasing.  We find children and adults alike, absolutely love the flavour of this sauce.  All of our fruit dessert sauces are different – for example Blueberry Sauce is not quite as sweet as Raspberry Sauce and the Loganberry Sauce has quite a sharp, full flavour. However, the Raspberry Sauce just seems to tick the box for everyone.

We usually like to make some recipe recommendations with our products but when it comes to the Raspberry Sauce, you know the story. Pouring over ice cream, pavlova, waffles or pancakes with fresh fruit is just delicious. Sometimes the simple things are the best in the kitchen!

You can find our Raspberry Sauce in our online shop here.

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